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What is a Moodle platform?
Acronym in English for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, that is, Modular Object-Oriented Learning Environment, Moodle works as an online classroom where teachers can provide didactic material and propose interactive tasks, such as tests and discussions in forums.

What is the best definition for Moodle?
Moodle is an open source system for creating online courses. Also known as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the platform is used by students and teachers as a tool to support distance learning in more than 220 countries.
What are the main features of the Moodle platform?
Moodle is an online platform for distance learning, a learning management system. In it, it is possible to provide courses, classes and all kinds of online training. … Translating: object-oriented modular learning environment. Technology has allowed advancement in many areas of our lives.

How do I use Moodle?
Individual users such as teachers and students can sign up for an account on the Moodle server and access content via the web interface or the “ Moodle Desktop” application. To access it, just be on a computer with the software installed, connected to the server and with internet access.

What is Moodle explain in your own words?
Moodle is a kind of online and free distance learning platform. It is a learning management system, which offers the possibility of making courses and training available online. The name of the Moodle system is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.
What is the Moodle tool for?
Moodle has a variety of tools that can increase the effectiveness of an online course. You can easily share study materials, assemble discussion lists, administer assessment tests and surveys, collect and review assignments, access and record grades, and more.

How does VLE Moodle work?
Through the platform, the student will have access, using a personal password, to the contents made available by the teachers, in addition to posting activities, debating the topic in discussion forums, answering questions via messages, among other resources. Moodle can be accessed from any computer with Internet .

Why Moodle?
One of the reasons why the Moodle Platform has become popular with educators around the world is that it allows them to dynamically create websites for students and learning communities. Both its didactic and pedagogical characteristics, as well as the technical aspects.

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