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It doesn’t rely if we build the fine buildings inside the world or build gold-plated homes. The vital element is the instructor who gives a hand to the scholar and touches him. Education System Everything is a trainer. In case your trainer is brilliant, your training is simply as properly. The teacher is the entirety on this enterprise. Then, initially, we need to educate appropriate teachers in Turkey.

You stated, ‘We need to train top instructors in Turkey’. How are we able to acquire this?

Our Education System schools in Turkey need to be reorganized. We should make our trainer training establishments suitable for today’s existence and situations. We want to carry our teachers to lifestyles as graduates any more. In schooling schools, an information of teachers according with the desires of the age must be delivered again. Honestly, this is no longer sufficient. We need to teach instructors within the worldwide arena.

Do you believe you studied the international locations of the sector can teach instructors within the international area?

The usa of the us (united states of america) gives teacher applicants enjoy overseas. Teachers are despatched to African international locations for 1 year to work. Three hundred thousand teachers are awaiting jobs in our u . S . A .. Appointment pending. ‘i’m a teacher. I became a instructor. He says appoint me. We ought to ensure that such a lot of younger instructors can train all over the world by presenting higher satisfactory training. Teachers in Turkey today are best looking for a job.

There’s an application that you have commenced to your universities that allows you to teach nicely-equipped teachers.

This is a challenge we started out in Turkey… Our Education System faculty is now in our colleges. We apply the university model in our schools. Instructor candidate students receive this training and education in faculties in the third and 4th grades. The software have to be inside the college.

The information of the school of schooling is like the faculty of drugs. Scientific students do the simple courses at the university and the practices within the health center. Teacher applicants need to additionally get hold of palms-on training with grasp teachers at colleges. The Education System structure have to be reorganized thus.

Do you watched pleasant Education System is furnished in Turkey?

The nation offers schooling in Turkey. Who’s overseeing this schooling? Once more, the country exams. Ought to there be a pleasant here? The cook dinner of the kitchen prepares the food, supervises and offers grades. That doesn’t happen.

External institutions have to do this… It doesn’t be counted who does the Education System today. The pleasant of training is crucial. Regardless of who does it, whether or not it’s far neighborhood or overseas, country or basis… Whoever it is, irrespective of the best of Education System academic establishments ought to be supervised by means of the kingdom. The more civilized training will become, the higher its satisfactory. We want to civilize Education System in Turkey. We want to prevent Education System from being a lathe.

How do the nations of the sector view the non-public faculty region?

The student, the man or woman, should at least have a wondering and inquiring information… If we can’t do that, we can’t improve schooling. Britain’s labor Minister Adonis grew up in an orphanage. When her mom could not read it, she was taught via someone else. He initiated the privatization of faculties in England. 75% of the excessive schools have been transferred to the foundation and personal zone, no longer by way of the state.

You referred to the importance of personal schools. Now not every parent in Turkey can find the money for to ship their child to a non-public faculty.

Each baby in Turkey and in the world need to have the right to best schooling. As Uğur schools, we are also committed to the schooling of kids in underdeveloped areas. In truth, we must go there first. We want to begin special Education System with students in slender areas. That is how England started out. The kingdom will pay for it. Public schooling isn’t free in our u . S .. Nowadays, the nation allocates the most important budget to training. The state will not use this aid allotted via its personal hand, but will make it to be had to a person else. The important issue here is that each toddler on this united states of america may be given identical Education System rights.

Are we able to say ‘We must open schooling to the non-public sector in Turkey’?

We are very new in Education System as a country. We can not expand education in Turkey as it’s miles. We ought to also open training to the non-public zone. We ought to make certain that the children of low-profits households additionally acquire an excellent and excellent schooling. Allow’s speak east-west. The kid of a low-earnings circle of relatives gained Robert university. If this child’s family does now not have money, this child can not visit this school in present day gadget. Not actual. No toddler should be interrupted in Education System. He ought to be capable of examine wherever he wants.

Is there sufficient call for for private faculties in our us of a?

Whilst you appearance economically; only 3% of students in Turkey can look at in non-public colleges. In other phrases, 3 out of a hundred youngsters can go to personal faculty. From this point of view, we are the most backward u . S . A . Within the world… The fee of personal faculties in Russia, which changed into zero in 25 years, has reached 17-18% nowadays. There need to be competition… where there is no opposition, there’s no great.

College students who do not have cash can’t visit personal universities if they can not win a scholarship. As an educator with universities in many elements of the arena, do you locate this truthful?

There are nearly 2 hundred universities in Turkey. 70 of them are foundation university. If the scholar can’t win a scholarship, he has to visit private universities with cash. If he desires to go, if this scholar has no cash, his manner ought to be cleared. Those who have cash can pay for schooling, and those who’ve no money will study with the help of the country. As Uğur colleges, we were advocating this from the very beginning. We call each pupil the proper to identical Education System. Then we will make certain social peace. That is while we get an equal share of the wealth. That is when we set up democracy.

You have got invested in schooling in lots of elements of the arena. Have you ever had moments where you said ‘I want’ because of the investments you made?

I installed a college in Washington DC, the capital of america, next to the White house. As well as different universities I opened in Germany and eu international locations… i really like opposition very plenty. I say, ‘If there is opposition, there can be first-class’. So far, i’ve now not signed an funding that I stated ‘I didn’t get a go back’, both morally and materially, in my schooling investments.

There is a 48-year-old experience… while you do your job in schooling in a fine manner, the society appreciates it. There may be no other society as fond of the Education System of its kids because the Turkish society. Within the u.S.A., the own family spends the money allotted for the education of the kid, does not ship their baby to university, and on pinnacle of that, they owe their baby.

Are you on the brink of make a big training investment in Antalya? Are you worried?

Whilst the human beings of Antalya see what we have completed, they will recognize us. I by no means fear about my funding in Antalya. I agree with i will do my exceptional. As Uğur faculties, we made an investment of 2 hundred million in the course of Turkey in 2015.

As an educator, how do you compare the transformation of personal coaching establishments into simple high colleges?

In preference to remaining the non-public coaching institutions, they have been became schools with a brief license. Temporarily converts to center faculty or excessive faculty for four years Education System. This can not be for all time, of route. This is my private opinion. We did not wait four years. We stated, ‘basic excessive faculties have to become colleges in 2 years’. We need so that it will see this… We wanted to turn into a campus in 2 years and we had been the primary institution to turn into campuses.

Do you discover the buildings in which basic excessive faculties provide schooling appropriate?

As Uğur faculties, we did now not open a basic excessive college, particularly in Antalya. We desired to convert without delay into the campus and offer a better primary schooling and schooling. The buildings of simple excessive schools are not suitable homes for college. I do no longer discover it right to present Education System to students of their most exciting durations in condo floors.

Do you believe you studied the four+4+four Education System machine commenced in Turkey is settled?

Parents of students often inquire from me this question. We are not starting this nowadays. We were implementing the four+four+4 device for 10 years. The main problem right here isn’t always 4+four+4, but that scholars cross to high school at an early age. Kids nonetheless cannot cross to school at an early age in colleges in Turkey. School age is five… today in England, kids cross to school at the age of 2. So it is k for college kids to go to school early.

Do you suspect faculties in our us of a are ready for youngsters to head to highschool at an early age?

Of course the kids are prepared for faculty… Are the colleges ready? If every of your schools allows their 2-12 months-antique to wait school, of route, youngsters should move to highschool early Education System. At Bahçeşehir Uğur colleges, our youngsters start school at the age of 4, no longer five years vintage. Because we’re getting ready the environment for our college students.

Do you find exams such as TEOG and university entrance correct?

I do not locate the content of those tests correct. The examination have to be. You want to degree what you could teach… these must cease to be rating tests. This isn’t always genuine. What is correct is this. We want to find an examination device wherein college students are subjected to what they can do, no longer to degree what college students do now not understand with an examination.

What must we do to put off the examination-oriented schooling gadget?

The world gave up a training software focused on Education System for checks. We have to surrender on this. In order for us to desert this, the structure in the faculties need to be identical. If this equality can be done, humans in Antalya will go to the school closest to their domestic from the race to go into 3 or five colleges.

Then why this race?

Race, opposition, of course… no longer consistent with this exam style. Students compete in TEOG checks to go into a terrific Anatolian excessive college. He is coming into Anatolian high college. Again, in the last yr of excessive college, he leaves there and is going to primary excessive college. So much nonsense…

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